→ Property and agricultural liaison services

RSK Consents Solutions’ agricultural liaison officers operate as go-betweens between landowners and contractors during the construction phase. This facilitation enables our clients’ operations to run smoother and mitigates costly delays and excessive compensation claims. It also fosters better landowner–client relationships, thereby ensuring that projects are completed to programme. Ensuring clear communication channels can prove extremely financially beneficial to a programme. Our knowledge of the utility sector and its associated planning requirements, combined with our understanding of farming and landowner affairs, is invaluable in ensuring effective progression during the construction phase of utility and infrastructure work. We also have access to soil specialists, ecologists and other professional services in the RSK group.

How we can help

→ Compensation claim settlement

RSK Consents Solutions has extensive experience in negotiating and settling claims under statutory legislation. It uses these services in negotiating and settling claims for permanent or temporary land requirements, loss in value of land or property because of a scheme, and for crop loss or damage to land.

We also advise on appropriate fee undertakings, blight, compensation estimates, property valuations, compensation strategy and discretionary schemes. Additionally, we can negotiate and settle cases with claimants for both rural and residential land and property.

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