RSK Consents Solutions is a market-leading specialist working in the utility sector and providing complete wayleave consultancy, land agency services and project support across a wide range of utility-related projects. It will help you navigate a project from inception to completion and minimise the potential risks and delays.

Our experienced team provides support throughout the entire project process. We can assist with elements of project work from early conception through to the construction phase. Our support ensures that new installations and refurbishments can be carried out within the planned timescales, thereby avoiding unnecessary and costly project delays. Our knowledge of the utility sector and its associated planning requirements, combined with our understanding of farming and landowner affairs, is invaluable when it comes to negotiating consents for utility infrastructure projects across third-party land.

Our comprehensive wayleave services include utility installation consents support; route identification; environmental considerations; and consent acquisitions. We are trusted by farmers and landowners and have extensive experience of working with electricity network operators, other utility providers and renewable developers.