The Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas Schemes are offshore wind farm projects involving wind turbines that will produce a combined capacity of approximately 3.2 GW once operational. This is estimated they will provide green energy sufficient to power 3.9 million UK homes.

The combined schemes require the delivery of about 60 km of high-voltage, direct-current underground cable and a new substation extension at the grid connection point.

Vattenfall appointed RSK Consents Solutions to secure the landowner agreements necessary for delivering the cable route and facilitating consents for the investigatory work required during both the planning and initial construction stages. With about 100 directly affected parties from whom consents are required and numerous other interested parties to manage, we successfully supported our client during the S42 consultation phase by posting and monitoring notices, attending consultation events, providing feedback from affected landowners and negotiating heads of terms.

Norfolk Vanguard has now been awarded a development consent order and Norfolk Boreas is on track for a decision in 2021. On the back of this success, we will continue to work with our client by acting as agricultural liaison officers between contractors and landowners during the construction phase and managing landowner compensation claims resulting from the scheme, including settling crop loss and damage disputes.